Advanced Planning and Scheduling Solution

Syncrun’s smart algorithm analyzes and optimizes operations with incomparable efficiency. It minimizes production costs and delays by considering all the constraints that manufacturers have to deal with.

Improve Your Productivity With Syncrun

  • RGet an optimal production plan in just a matter of moments
  • RQuickly adjust your planning to respond to unforeseen events
  • RView the constraints that are slowing you down
  • RUpdate the plan in line with actual progress on the shop floor
  • RSynchronize incoming deliveries of raw materials
  • RPlan use of your workers according to their skills
  • RAnalyze scenarios and assess their impacts
  • RMeasure production efficiency

Get Tangible Benefits Quickly

More capacity

Syncrun’s scheduling engine will maximize the use of your resources and free up additional production capacity!

 Better timing of deliveries

Syncrun will consider all the constraints and the actual situation in your plant. You’ll be able to promise delivery dates with confidence, thanks to a reliable plan!

Higher profits

Syncrun will assess countless scenarios and offer the most profitable game plan with each new schedule!

Syncrun will integrate seamlessly with ERP, SCM, MES, or any other management system.

It will input data from your systems and work to optimize your operations.

What Makes Syncrun Different?

Artificial intelligence

Syncrun’s smart algorithm produces superior results. With just a few clicks, you’ll boost your productivity while reducing your production costs.

Cloud software

No installation or maintenance is required. Just log in to its secure web portal at any time, from anywhere.

Usage-based pricing

No upfront purchase of licenses. You’ll pay according to your usage and the size of your business. Your investment will pay off faster!

Our Customers Are Enjoying Success


“With Syncrun, we produce with the assurance of an achievable and optimal match plan. The productivity gains made with this technology have clearly exceeded our expectations!”

– DAVE RODGERS, Processes Improvement

“We have been using Syncrun to schedule our production since 1996. This solution has adapted to our needs and, year after year, the benefits are there.”

– PATRICK VIGNEAULT, Operations Director


“The breadth of Arima’s know-how in planning and scheduling is unparalleled. For a successful installation and a fast return on investment, Syncrun is the obvious solution!”

– JEAN-RENÉ BLOUIN, Corporate Director, Planning and Procurement

“With Syncrun, we re-optimize our plan in minutes, which took us hours before. We can focus on scenario analysis and tactical decision-making.”

– KARL MOREAU, ING., Director, Engineering and Operations


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“Syncrun is quite visual and makes planning and scheduling a lot easier. The schedules are displayed on the shop floor and refresh automatically according to actual progress or priority changes. Syncrun is a very effective tool!”

– JÉRÉMIE NOËL, Production Planner



“Syncrun optimizes our three North American production sites very efficiently. With its powerful scenario-analysis tool, we respond quickly to customer requests and promise delivery times with high confidence!”

– MARC-A. RÉGIMBALD, Supply Chain Manager


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“The use of Syncrun brings us clear benefits: visibility on our operations, better utilization of the equipment, optimized production sequences and greater delivery precision. Syncrun is an essential tool in my work!”

– BENOIT PILOTE, Supply Chain Coordinator


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“Arima offers exceptional service. They understand our needs and answers swiftly to our questions. Their expertise combined to their solution Syncrun provide significant efficiency gains.”

– MARC PAQUET, Information Systems Director



“Syncrun allows for a very efficient scheduling and monitoring of our operations. We can easily incorporate our own optimization criteria and resource constraints. The scheduling automatically adjusts to the actual situation and makes it easier to cope with unforeseen events.”

– MARC COSSETTE, Planificateur de production


Go digital with a solution that perfectly meets your needs.

Syncrun is a major ally for those who wish to join the fourth industrial revolution and boost their productivity. Its smart algorithm is designed to meet many needs of this digital revolution.

Interested? Contact one of our advisors for an assessment of your needs and a personalized demonstration of Syncrun.

Benefit from flexible rates that are perfectly adapted to the reality of small and medium-sized businesses.

A usage-based pricing formula that is tailored to your needs and the complexity of your production.

25 years of expertise 

Arima has been helping companies optimize their productivity for more than 25 years. Our team knows all about planning and production scheduling. They’ll be able to accompany you throughout the process, from needs assessment to production start-up and after-sale follow-up.


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